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6N6P Push Pull 


Searching the internet I found some interesting schematics for a Push Pull tube headphone amplifier. I couldn't resist the itch to try myself at my own schematic of a two stage amp using the russian 6N23P double triode in a long tailed pair as input stage and the 6N6P in PushPull for output duty. My schematic took inspiration from Hans Borngraeber, Mr. Ahammer and also had some valuable input from Diyaudio member Shoog (biasing the LTP and the output stage).




I cobbled up the schematic on a breadboard using simple toroids as output transformers (as recommended by Shoog). The build actually worked from the first flip of the powerswitch ( a bit to my surprise ;) and only had a bit of hum on one channel probably due to a minor grounding issue. It would have been interesting to persue the concept but I eventually abandoned it (or put it aside indefinitely) because of too many other projects --> focussing on the simplicity of a SE Triode amp.




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