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The SOHA (Simple OP Amp Headphone Amplifier) is an inexpensive hybrid amplifier using one twin triode (12AU7, ECC82) at a moderate voltage level for the first stage and an operational amplifier (OPA 604) for the output.  The original schematic was a combined effort of Bill Pasculle and Alex Cavalli. The amplifier was deliberately designed to be simple (hence the name: Simple Opamp Headphone Amplifier) and to be built with parts easily available. Some sonic adjustment can be done by OP amp rolling but I never really got into that and left it with the OPA 604 I initally plugged in.

I found a board already populated by a fellow DIYaudio member and basically just cased it up in a vintage aluminum box from the 40ies/50ies that I had found in my grandparents house a long time ago. So instead of candy you will find a twin triode sticking out the top lid...


For the money invested it sounded quite nice with a powerful presentation; unfortunately it had some strong competition among my other amplifiers so it was sold after some time :)






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